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We are very keen to get the views of as many people as possible in the villages of the Upper Deverills and beyond. A public meeting was held in the church on Saturday 1st February 2020 to explain the background to the programme, outline some ideas and get feedback. Click the link below to download the PowerPoint presentation from that day and to read notes from the meeting.


The (civil) Parish Council convenes an annual Parish Meeting when everyone on the (civil) electoral roll of the villages can express their views on matters important to the community. This year it was to be held on Wednesday 13th May. However, due to Coronavirus restrictions this has been postponed to later in the year. The theme for this meeting will be community social facilities, e.g. recreational, sporting, clubs, get-togethers, performances, exhibitions, fitness classes. An update on the progress of the church reordering programme will be given and parishioners will be invited to make further comment and express their views.


Further opportunities will be arranged to showcase plans as they are made and to invite comments and views.


We have received several endorsements of our ideas from bands and groups who have performed in the past and who would love to perform here again when the programme has been implemented. Here's a selection:


Angel Exit


Let us know what you think: