Programme Management

The programme was managed by a sub-committee of the Parochial Church Council which has now disbanded in favour of direct control. Its members were:

Vanessa Colyer

Vanessa is a Chartered Building Surveyor and is Operations Director for Aspire Defence. She lives in Monkton Deverill.

Ted Flint

Ted is chairman of the Upper Deverills Village Hall committee. He lives in Kingston Deverill.

John Lea

John is a retired architect. He and his family have lived here for 35 years. His daughter was married in the church.

Judy Munro

Judy's parents moved to Kingston Deverill in 1981. She herself has lived here since 2003 and is a PCC member and Sidesperson.

Robert Shuler

Robert is Churchwarden of St Mary the Virgin, Kingston Deverill and Chair of the PCC.

David Stratton

Strattons have lived in Kingston Deverill since 1865. David has been a Deputy Lieutenant of Wiltshire and churchwarden of this church. He is a PCC member.

Julian Wiltshire

Julian is an amateur local historian. He retired from a career as a tour operator and travel agent in 2006.

Rev Pauline Reid (Rector)

Pauline is priest-in-charge of the Cley Hill Churches benefice.

Richard Munro (Programme Manager)

Richard is an experienced project manager and has organised performing arts festivals and several concerts and plays in the valley.

Minutes of the Sub-committee meetings are here: