Rural communities, like those in our villages, are facing cultural and social decline. Opportunities to gather together to worship, enjoy a range of social activities and  experience a variety of arts, both performing and visual – in comfort with modern facilities – are few. Complementing existing local amenities, the church of St Mary the Virgin in Kingston Deverill provides the opportunity to be developed to serve the community of the Deverills and beyond. It needs to be comfortable and economic to run with flexible space which reflects the principles of sustainability, while keeping its distinctive character and maintaining respect for its heritage and core purpose.

St Mary’s is a beautiful historic building which has been at the heart of the community for hundreds of years. However, it needs to be brought up to the standards expected of a public amenity in the 21st century. It is costly to maintain but with suitable facilities it can earn its keep and the future of this important structure can be assured. For example, by installing a toilet, a kitchenette, a modern heating system, attractive lighting and offering space where large events, both religious and secular, can take place, we can ensure this outstanding building continues to enhance the villages for future generations.

The Development Programme addresses the needs of our community and visitors in terms of social space, facilities for community activities, recreation and worship while recognising its solid heritage and future sustainability.

Respect. Comfort. Flexibility. Sustainability.

Statement of Significance


The statement of significance is a document that describes:

  • How the building has evolved over time

  • When the various parts of the building were constructed

  • When notable additions were made to the interior

It provides a summary of why they are important and the contributions they make to the character of the building. It also describes the impact of the changes we are proposing.

Statement of Needs

The statement of needs is a document that allows us to explain our proposal having regard to the statement of significance and the impact of our proposed changes.

It sets out the reasons:

  • Why we think our needs can not be met without making changes to the church building

  • Why we think the proposed changes are necessary to assist us in our worship and mission

For example:

The statement of needs serves both us and those involved in the faculty process.